Hello, my name is Julian Stoev and I am a Web Designer/Developer and SEO specialist, currently located in Sofia, Bulgaria but I enjoy relocating for work. One of the benefits of an Internet job :) is my personal project since 2004!

I have graduated the National High School of Fine Arts “Ilia Petrov” in Sofia, Bulgaria with Painting. I have also graduated as a Bachelor of Graphic Design (Visual Arts) in New Bulgarian University. I am not a big fan of working with print, but I love to work with web :)

Although I am a designer, I have my own PHP MVC framework for my web sites. Among my strong sides are also SEO and UX.

My strongest asset is knowing the web creation process from the very start and having experience with all stages of it.

You can get in touch with me on my Contacts page or through any of the social connections posted here.

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